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Sony TV Repair Guidelines

Many argue that a Sony TV repair is not worth the expense these days, as modern TV sets can require replacement parts that, together with the cost of the service, would involve a price steep enough to get you to buy a new unit. The good news is, however, that newer Sony units don’t always… Read More »

Sony Error Codes and Self-Diagnostic

If your Sony TV device is not working properly, you should first try to diagnose the problem by yourself before calling Sony TV repair service. Sony Self-Diagnostic is a feature that is implemented in almost all newer Sony TV models. Sony Self-Diagnostic is using timer/standby indicator to display Sony error codes and indicate the possible cause… Read More »

Four Common Sony LCD TV Problems Encountered

The new generation TVs models are not exactly affordable, and, due to the smart technology they are based on, repairs are not so easy to perform either, but there are, a few common Sony LCD TV problems you can learn to solve by yourself, at home, without any special equipment. Here are four of them:… Read More »

How to Repair Sony LCD TV

Knowing how to repair Sony LCD TV can help you save a large amount of money since this repair services for devices in this category tend to be rather expensive. Most of the times, LCD TVs have a longer life than plasma TVs, but both categories have the same problems. Of course, in most of… Read More »

Sony Projection TV Repair

Many people have chosen projection TVs in the past few years, resulting in the fact that Sony projection TV repair needs have grown exponentially. Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of these types of units worldwide, having produced millions of HD rear-projection, as well as numerous front-projection TV set models since 2002. They were… Read More »