Sony TV Repair

Sony TV Repair Guidelines

Many argue that a Sony TV repair is not worth the expense these days, as modern TV sets can require replacement parts that, together with the cost of the service, would involve a price steep enough to get you to buy a new unit.

The good news is, however, that newer Sony units don’t always have such a significant problem, and troubleshooting them can also be easier. So, if that is the case, it may not be necessary to throw out a good TV just because of a minor issue.

Sony TV

Diagnosing the Problem

In most places, a repair shop will charge you up to $50 just to take a look at your TV and see what’s wrong. If the total cost of a Sony TV repair is more than $300, it may not be worth it, since these days you can get a 32 inch Sony TV for about $500 and a 27 inch model for less than $300. It is really no wonder why so many choose to buy a new TV unit these days without even trying to find a good repair shop.

Fortunately, if the problem is minor, your wallet may not have to be emptied. One of the greatest advantages that Sony TVs have over other brands is the fact that many of the later models have a built-in self-diagnosis system that can tell you roughly what the problem is. If the stand-by indicator is blinking, this may tell you roughly what the issue is, so you can then find out precisely how much the repair will cost.

The number of intermittent blinks will serve as a code, telling the troubleshooter whether the problem is with the AKB (automatic kine bias) circuit – 5 blinks; vertical deflection – 4 blinks, high voltage safety shut down – 7 blinks, or any other similar issue that may have caused small, moderate or greater damage to the unit.

Small vs. Significant Malfunctions

Even with units that don’t have the handy feature mentioned earlier, troubleshooting can still be possible. For instance, if the image fluctuates, and does so more intensely when you move the coax cable, then that could mean the cable is loose for some reason. The worst case scenario is that it might have to be replaced; however, even then, the entire Sony TV repair process will be quite cheap.

Unfortunately, even problems that can be solved quickly and without a significant expense can require the intervention of a repair expert. Sometimes it is not clear which components on the board may cause a particular problem, or the TV set may require the replacement of several components in order for it to work properly again. The good news is that, even though finding a blown capacitor on the main board of an older Sony model can be a pain, the price for a replacement is largely insignificant. In such cases, paying for a repair is fully justified.

If the issue is more difficult to take care of, then it really depends on what it is. Generally, it may be a good idea to pay for the diagnosis cost, since then at least the experts at the repair shop can tell you what’s wrong, so you can decide whether or not the repair is worth it.

If a transistor on the main board is bad, replacing it may be easy; however, if an integrated circuit needs replacing, sometimes it may be both rare to come by and extremely expensive (in the range of hundreds of dollars). In any case, taking the unit to a Sony TV repair shop may be a good idea before you throw it away, as most malfunctions don’t always depend on pricey integrated circuit replacements, and you may find that getting your TV back into top shape can be surprisingly cheap at times.

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