How to Repair Sony LCD TV

Knowing how to repair Sony LCD TV can help you save a large amount of money since this repair services for devices in this category tend to be rather expensive.

Most of the times, LCD TVs have a longer life than plasma TVs, but both categories have the same problems.

Of course, in most of the cases, going to a repair shop is the best approach, but what do you do when the problem arises at an inappropriate hour, during the weekend or around the holidays, when most repair shops are closed and those that aren’t charge you a fortune?

You have to admit that trying one or two things on your own, especially when the problem is not major can be life saving, especially if you are one of those handy individuals who like to have their own toolbox and alternatives for everything surrounding them.

It would be wonderful to be able to count on a DVD for pixels’ correction, a computer or laptop with a VGA cable and tools with a dull point (pencil, screwdriver etc) when you have to repair Sony LCD TV at home, by yourself.

How to Diagnose and Fix a TV Screen without a Picture

This problem seems to be quite frequent in the newest Sony LCD TV models. Quite a few owners reported that their TV screens turned black immediately after they had been turned on, although the speakers were working properly.

The problem can have various causes, so you have to take them one by one in order to see what is wrong and to make things right.

First, verify the input settings of the LCD. Generally, the screen remains black when the TV is turned on if the settings are not adjusted correctly or if there are turned-off or unplugged circuits connected to it, like for example a gaming platform or a DVD player.

If this does not solve your problem, another method to repair Sony LCD TV is to disconnect and reconnect all the cables entering and leaving the TV. One of the connections may be loosened or one of the cables may not be functioning properly.

If you can reach the other cables plugged in, try switching them in their slots in order to see if the malfunction persists. Some owners reported that turning it off or unplugging it for a longer period of time, sometimes up to a whole day, was all they had to do in order to repair Sony LCD TV.

In case you tried all the above suggestions and the malfunction persists, another cause can be the damage or poor connection of the power supply in the interior. The ones used for most Sony models are not very expensive and they can be bought either from local suppliers or online.

You may lack the courage and experience to try and get your Sony LCD TV working by yourself, but, with a little patience and some valuable tips, any parts can be repaired or replaced, depending on their purpose and malfunction.

Of course, the situation changes if your Sony LCD TV is still under warranty. Besides the fact that you can have it repaired for free, by professionals, using original parts, if you register it online, the normal one year warranty period can be prolonged with another 3 months. Just make sure you keep the bill, as the seller may ask for a faxed copy of it in order to grant you the extension.

Besides saving a lot of money, the above tips will hopefully give you the satisfaction of knowing you succeeded to fix Sony LCD TV and, with it, to make your evenings better and to exempt you family from the frustration of fighting over the remote control of your other TV or of missing their favorite shows.